Peter Ustinov's Russia series

Peter Ustinov's Russia series

DVD1986 360 Minutes

Russian history.

A series of six DVDs Each part runs for 60 minutes. The price of each part is 19.50 bought separately, if all six are bought at the same time then a discounted price of 99.00 applies (plus postage and VAT)
A Giant's Childhood
Peter Ustinov traces the early history of Russia, from the first stirrings of its civilisation to the reign of Ivan the Terrible.
Peter the Great and Catherine the Great
The struggle of Peter the Great to open up Russia. Part 2 of the six parts
The Struggle with Napoleon
The epoch of Tolstoy's War and Peace. Part 3 of the six parts.
The need for reform. Part 4 of the six parts in Peter Ustinov's history of Russia
War and Revolution
The October revolution in Russia. Part 5 of the six parts.
My Russia
Peter Ustinov's personal impressions of modern Russia. Part 6.

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£123.80 plus postage