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For over 50 years Concord Media has provided audio-visual resources on topics of social concern. We receive no grants and our sole income is that which is left after paying royalties and it is a struggle for survival.


We are pleased to offer many of our Programmes and films either to buy or rent via Vimeo on Demand allowing you to stream our films online.


Founded in 1959 Concord quickly grew from humble beginnings to become a small cottage industry. It progressed in the ‘70s to become a company limited by guarantee to cope with the ever increasing demand for its services.


Educational, Moral and Social Issue DVDs

Providing a wide range of educational DVDs on diverse topics from art therapy to women’s issues, Concord Media are a registered charity with a strong ethical stance. Founded in 1959, we are now one of the leading UK distributors of audio-visual media with a library of social issue DVDs and moral issue DVDs, many of which are unavailable elsewhere.

We hold a library of films in our own right, and are also UK distributors for around 350 other bodies including the Graves Medical Audio-Visual Library. We specialise in the sale of films to the caring professions, and also offer a range of arts and culture DVDs and anthropological films. Many of these films, such as the 1970’s Disappearing World series from Granada TV, show unique historic ways of living which no longer exist due to the advances of western culture.

Many of our educational DVDs are ideal for training, caring and counselling services, as they tackle difficult subjects as diverse as drug and alcohol addiction, racial and sexual harassment, bereavement and child abuse. Whether you work with adults or children, and whether your speciality is mental or physical health, whatever social, moral or educational issue you need to tackle within your service we can help you to find a suitable film.

As well as a range of modern social issue DVDs, we also offer a number of vintage and classic films; whilst these moral issue DVDs may not have the same film or sound quality as modern films, they still offer valuable insights and are often thought-provoking as more than just historical interest. These include famous classics like the classic BBC play tackling homelessness, Cathy Come Home, and the Robertson films on children’s experiences in hospital situations which, despite their age, still offer valuable lessons to modern audiences.

Film Footage

Concord started life in 1959 as the NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT NEWSREEL COMMITTEE.  Later our scope widened to include programmes on social problems, domestic, national and international.  Currently we have over 1300 programmes in our archive. For T.V. and documentary  film producers many of our films and much footage in our archive is available at moderate cost. If any of our programmes seem to have relevance for your future productions please send your requirements. Alternatively call us and discuss your requirements, we will look to see if we have anything relevant.

Video on Demand

We’re pleased to offer an ever growing catalogue of online films, you can buy, rent and watch the available films instantly on Vimeo on Demand. Customers will need to sign up to Vimeo which is free of charge. For more information on our Vimeo offering click here

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