Founded in 1959 Concord quickly grew from humble beginnings to become a small cottage industry. It progressed in the ‘70s to become a company limited by guarantee to cope with the ever increasing demand for its services.

Awarded charitable status around the same time, Concord has kept its strongly ethical ethos throughout its life and is well-known as an educational charity selling and hiring films, videos and DVDs on a wide range of subjects touching educational and social issues. In addition to the titles acquired for its own library Concord distributes programmes for over 350 other bodies, including Graves Medical Audio-Visual Library.

We are a major UK distributor of audio-visual media in social and moral issues and specialise in the sale and hire of educational titles useful for training and counselling.

Many of our titles are unobtainable elsewhere and are much sought after. For example we supply titles which illustrate the devastating effects that can occur within the family and the community because of drug and alcohol addiction, racial and sexual harassment, bereavement and child abuse.
We offer titles which help you and your service to cope with these sensitive areas and in addition provide programmes exploring women and gender issues, mental health and counselling, child development and education.


Over the years Concord has acquired an interesting and varied collection of programmes about all sorts of human culture and development around the world.


Our Vintage Gems are unique and original short films. Our Classics will always stand the test of time, many of these films are literally irreplaceable.