Concord Media is a registered charity (305990) and for over 50 years we have provided audio-visual resources on topics of social concern. However  In recent years government cuts have meant educational and social work organisations have less money to spend on buying training programmes, and as a result, our income has been falling. We receive no grants and our sole income is that which is left after paying royalties and it is a struggle for survival.

Donations would help us to digitise our DVDs and teaching guides so as to make them available for use in a Video On Demand system where we can reduce our prices and also resume the equivalent of renting at much lower prices than buying outright.  We are often asked for this facility but up until now have not being able to afford the staff to carry out this time intensive process. Your donations would be of great help.

The ‘About Us‘ page tells a little of our history.  If you think our work is worth supporting then please consider clicking on the ‘donate’ button and making a donation however small to us. Thank you.