Mental Health

Mental health and mental illness can be an incredibly difficult topic to broach and certainly makes for difficult conversation, whoever the conversation occurs between. Providing mental health support, whether from a professional or personal standpoint is incredibly difficult and is hampered by people’s misconceptions over the term mental health. The first step in providing mental health support is to get the right mental health information and implement in the correct way, subtlety is the key to opening people up to this subject. 

Media and film in particular is a great way to approach the subject of mental health and begin to provide mental health support, people are naturally more open to getting the correct mental health information from less personal source such as a video. Once the subject has been brought out into the open and people are more informed you can start to make progress through any mental health issues that may be prevalent.

Here at Concord Media we provide high quality mental health DVDs that can help you to make these first steps towards acceptance of mental health issues. Our DVDs cover a very varied range of topics, many that are incredibly sensitive and particularly hard to approach such as self harm and suicide. These DVDs can be an excellent resource for educational establishments such as schools where they help to provide an unbiased and easily relatable medium that can help to raise student’s awareness of important issues. Whichever one of our films you choose the poignant and approachable content is sure to provide a great springboard into addressing serious issues.

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