Aftermath: The Legacy of Suicide


Three people talk of their fathers’ suicide, and not being told honestly as a child what happened.

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Producer: National Film Board of Canada
Year Produced: 2001
Running time: 50 minutes


How can children accept a parent’s death when it is shrouded in silence, evasion and half-truths? The children live with fear and guilt, feeling abandoned and always wondering “Was it my fault?”. Three people tell how it was for them when their fathers committed suicide when they were young and they were not told exactly what has happened till much later. Their stories are presented simply and compassionately against a background of poetic images. In speaking of their experiences, buried emotions resurface, and hope is reborn, as they come to terms with their fathers’ deaths and with their own lives. Canada. In French with English subtitles. Please state full title, to avoid confusion with another video called just Aftermath.