A Change of Mind Series


Psychotherapists talk about and demonstrate their work.

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Producer: Paul Morrison and lrving Teitelbaum
Year Produced: 1986
Running time: 360 minutes


A series which sets out to demystify psychotherapy by showing people who are in the process of being helped by it, and by listening to therapists from different disciplines talking about the ideas behind their practices.

The Child Inside
A woman growing up against a background of poverty in working class Sheffield; a building worker who conquered isolation within a psychotherapy day centre in Islington, a psychiatrist labelled schizophrenic who found therapy a more healing road back to health
A Sense of Self
Rebecca, helped by a Jungian psychotherapist, grapples with her family experience and how it still obscures her vision of where she is going.

Putting Back the Sparkle
Examines the outward, physical expression of our thoughts and feelings. The way we walk, talk and hold ourselves.

The Family Rules
Family Therapy: 14 year old Dominic refuses to go to school and the whole family go into therapy to try to sort out the problem.

Mother, Daughter; Mother, Son
Psychotherapists Susie Orbach and Luise Eichenbaum say our child-rearing practices create serious obstacles to close adult relationships in later life.

The Narrow Line
Psychotherapy within the NHS, focusing on the model therapeutic community at lngrebourne in Essex, where people are committed to intensive group therapy at least once a day and to having control over the running of the place, while being helped to come off their drugs.

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