Just Listen - Mental Health

Just Listen - Mental Health

DVD2006 30 Minutes

Interviews with three people who have experienced mental health problems.

One in four people will have a mental health problem at some time in their lives. However it is a subject that is rarely spoken about - an issue best kept quiet about. This attitude creates an atmosphere of ignorance, prejudice and fear founded on prejudices. The people interviewed talk frankly about their experiences and the problems they encountered. They are all personal stories that will help open up closed opportunities and most importantly closed minds. Some of their lives may be different but too many people think different also means wrong. Their stories will show just how wrong that attitude is.

Introduction by East Suffolk MIND - defines what the main issues are. The Interviews: Beryl - a school teacher who largely ignored early signs of what would eventually become a condition (bi-polar disorder) she has had to learn to live with. She has found that 'giving' has helped her with her recovery.

Susan - a traumatic incident led to over 30 years of mental distress resulting in regular in-patient treatment. A past history of self-harm and compulsive disorder meant Susan relied heavily on support.

Alex - can still recall the exact time his breakdown occurred and the impact it had on his life. Has strong but valid opinions about how society currently views people with mental health problems.

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