Rites: Female Circumcision and Infibulation


Explains the mutilation of female genitals and the effects it has on women.

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Producer: Triple Vision
Year Produced: 1990
Running time: 52 minutes
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The mutilation of female genitals has been commonplace throughout history. Even today, in various parts of the world, women and little girls are horribly mutilated by loving female relatives or respected medical practitioners. This programme examines the phenomenon of female genital mutilation, providing a context and considering what women can do to challenge it.

Sections deal with the practice in Europe and America as a punishment for or prevention of promiscuity, in Africa as part of initiation rites, the connections with Islamic culture, and the consequences for the black communities living in the UK. It is a complex issue, which involves women’s rights, cultural freedom and racial prejudice.

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