Raising the Glass Ceiling


Examines womens rights worldwide.


In many countries today’s young women haven’t had to struggle for equality, and take it for granted. On many levels women can do anything that a man can. But is it safe for them to rest on their laurels? This film charts the history of the struggle for women’s liberty and equality. In many countries this struggle goes on today. An Afghani M.P. relates how male M.Ps in her parliament shouted “take her and rape her”. She recalls ” They have learned how to wear a tie, how to talk about women’s rights, but that’s all”.

In Kenya violence against women is rife. Despite its laws protecting women the USA has one of the highest levels of rape world wide, yet in China economic growth has improved women’s rights. Is the time ripe for a new wave of feminism? The struggle for contraception, equal pay, against employment discrimination are all documented in this film.

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