Home Truths (LAW)

Home Truths (LAW)

DVD1999 12 Minutes

Animated film of young people talking about domestic violence, for 8-13 year olds

A short animated film in which five young people tell of their experiences of domestic violence. Emma and her mother escape from a violent father by moving to a refuge. Jamie sees the effect on his mother of his father's violence. For Sidra, the violence of her father is psychological and controlling. Sophie, her sister and mother are all targets of her stepfather's aggression.

Daniel supports his friend Tom, whose mother is being hit by her boyfriend. The young people respond positively to their situation, and take some action, asserting their right to live in a safe environment. The programme tackles some of the myths: that it's the woman's or child's fault, that the men involved can't help it etc. Particularly designed for use with 8-13 year olds in a group setting, where it will encourage discussion. Includes booklet with background information.
Produced by Leeds Animation Workshop

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