The Nuclear State


An insight into the psychological block we all practice in living with the bomb.

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Producer: Central Television, U.K.
Year Produced: 1983
Running time: 52 minutes
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Many films have examined the threat of nuclear war and the ever spiralling arms race. This film sets out to find out how people respond emotionally when they think about the consequences of nuclear war. The film-makers assembled a group of people, most of whom had not taken any active interest in the issue, and using a research technique called Co-operative Enquiry spent time imagining with the help of factual input and role play how nuclear weapons might be used in an international crisis.

They then go on to examine how the group would react to the prospect of dying in a nuclear holocaust. Many people now recognise the psychological blocking that we all practice in living with the bomb — this film offers an insight into the fears and emotions which ordinary people experience if they allow themselves to confront this horrifying reality.

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