Peter the Great and Catherine the Great


The struggle of Peter the Great to open up Russia.


The struggle of Peter the Great to open up Russia, a landlocked nation, to the sea; and Catherine the Great’s desire to bring some of the values of Western civilisation into Russian daily life. Highlights include meetings with Peter the Great and Catherine the Great and a tour through the palaces and architectural splendour of St Petersburg. The second part of a six part series ‘Peter Ustinov’s Russia. This is history told with a difference in Peter Ustinov’s special brand of humour known to many who saw him on television as a raconteur. This series was made in 1986 soon after the accession to the top job in the then Soviet Union by Mikhail Gorbachev, a time of great optimism and a flowering of expression which had been suppressed for many years. Therefore it is not only a history of Russia’s past but also a picture of life at that special time.

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