Historical interest

DVD1986 60 Minutes

The need for reform. Part 4 of the six parts in Peter Ustinov's history of Russia

The decay of autocracy and growing awareness in Russia among intellectuals for the need for reform. Highlights include meetings with Lenin and Dostoevsky and a unique visit to Siberia. The fourth part of a six part series 'Peter Ustinov's Russia' This is history told with a difference in Peter Ustinov's special brand of humour known to many who saw him on television as a raconteur. This series was made in 1986 soon after the accession to the top job in the then Soviet Union by Mikhail Gorbachev. A time of great optimism and a flowering of expressions which had been suppressed for many years. Therefore it is not only a history of Russia's past but also a picture of life at that special time.

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