The Struggle with Napoleon


The epoch of Tolstoy’s War and Peace

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Year Produced: 1986
Running time: 60 minutes
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This is history told with a difference. Firstly it is full of Peter’s special brand of humour known to many who saw him on television as a raconteur. Secondly this series was made in 1986 soon after the accession to the top job in the then Soviet Union of Mikhail Gorbachev, a time of great optimism and a flowering of expressions which had been suppressed for many years. Therefore it is not only a history of Russia’s past but also a picture of life at that special time of 1986. The conflict between Tsar Alexander I and Napoleon which culminated in the Battle of Borodino inflicting on Napoleon his first defeat and subsequent retreat back to Europe. Highlights include a meeting with Alexander and a meeting with Tolstoy whose masterpiece, “War and Peace” recreates this epoch.

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