Clause and Effect: Section 28

Made in 1987, this film looks at Section 28 of the Local Government Bill from 24th May 1988, which made it illegal for local authorities to promote homosexuality and “pretended” family relationships.

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Producer: 20th Century Vixen
Year Produced: 1987
Running time: 20 minutes
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Produced by six women as their first film following a women’s training course. Section 28 of the Local Government Bill became law on the 24th May 1988. This section makes it illegal for local authorities to “promote” homosexuality and “pretended” family relationships. The film combines documentary footage with positive images of lesbians and gay men to show the impact of Clause 28, both of them and the wider community. The film is framed by an exclusive interview with Derek Jarman who talks frankly about sexuality, the origins of the clause, its roots in the “moral majority” and their interpretation of the bible, and the effect it will have on work as a film-maker.

The imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards but is useful for historical use.

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