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  • Clause and Effect: Section 28

    Clause and Effect: Section 28

    Made in 1987, this film looks at Section 28 of the Local Government Bill from 24th May 1988, which made it illegal for local authorities to promote homosexuality and "pretended" family relationships.
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  • Give the Girls a Chance

    Give the Girls a Chance

    This film sets out to prove that girls should have a chance to do anything boys can do and is an excellent historical record, when constrasting this to where we are now.
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  • Kentu


    The film follows several african women, who have rejected the idea of love and the couple as the basis for family life.
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  • Promised the Earth

    Promised the Earth

    This Three-part series made in 1985, looks at the challenges women faced through lack of equality and fairness, across the world.
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  • Rainbow Days

    A colourful multicultural festival in a London school
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  • The Deaf Manager

    The Deaf Manager

    The Deaf Manager presented by Susan Hampshire in 1986 showed the advantages of employing deaf people and was shown at the Bank of England, the Central Electricity Board and other large firms of the day,
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