Promised the Earth

This Three-part series made in 1985, looks at the challenges women faced through lack of equality and fairness, across the world.

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Producer: IBT/Diverse production for Channel 4
Year Produced: 1985
Running time: 50 minutes
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Three-part series. An IBT/Diverse production for Channel 4.

Part 1: The Impossible Decade

The UN Decade for women aimed to eliminate all forms of crimination against women. The decade seemed to promise women the earth. This fim reveals the extent of the change required to achieve equality for women. Women the world over have a dual role – working to look after their family and working to produce. Nowhere are they rewarded adequately for their work in production or reproduction. Women world-wide have learned how little laws can achieve. The Impossible Decade concludes that the only changes that really improve things for women are those that increase their power.

Part 2: Seeds of Resistance

This film follows the experience of women in Bolivia and Zimbabwe in their daily struggle against harsh economic relatives. Faced with lifelong economic hardship, now aggravated by inflation and general strikes, Bolivian women are forming their own strong action and taking concrete steps to improve the situation. Womven in Zimbabwe are fully involved in the liberation war which promised gains for women too. Five years later rural women’s groups are challenging estabilished structures, and organising themselves in co-operatives to increase their own income and strengthen their power over agricultural decisions.

Part 3: Less Equal than Others

The last ten years have witnessed considerable changes affecting women. The Sex Discrimination Act, Equal Pay Act and other laws legitimised women’s claims for equal rights. But laws can also be an excuse for subsequent inaction when the economic and political climate is unfavourable. This film focuses on four women of different ethnic origins and social class who work at Heathrow Airport. The women tell us how they think things have change for them during the decade.

The imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards but is useful for historical use.

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