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  • A Time for Burning

    A Pastor in Nebraska tries to introduce integration into his church
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  • Kentu


    The film follows several african women, who have rejected the idea of love and the couple as the basis for family life.
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  • The Deaf Manager

    The Deaf Manager

    The Deaf Manager presented by Susan Hampshire in 1986 showed the advantages of employing deaf people and was shown at the Bank of England, the Central Electricity Board and other large firms of the day,
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  • Them and Us

    Them and Us

    Does the class structure of an average factory have anything to do with the fails of the UK in regards to productivity within industry, Nuts and Bolts had a look.
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  • Women Like That

    Women Like That

    A film looking at the lives of eight lesbian women and the issues they have experienced both the positives and the negatives.
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