Starting Point Films: Thinking about Conflict


Discussion starters for schools on conflict

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Producer: Broadside for Concord Films
Year Produced: 1983
Running time: 20 minutes
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These three films on one DVD are designed to start discussion about conflict. They focus on situations involving teenagers but they open up wide issues of conflict at all levels – personal, social and community, “structural”, and international.

They come with a teaching pack designed to help facilitate discussion and explore the themes further.

1. The Party

Tassia and her brother Daniel prepare for a party. As guests arrive we become aware of tensions and potential sources of conflict. Nonetheless, the party is happy, until a neighbour storms in asking them to be quiet as she has to work an early shift as a nurse.

2. The Fight

Tassia and Siobhan are provoked by their own feelings, then friends and casual onlookers into a fight at school. At the end neither girl has “won”. The film looks at the escalation or momentum of conflict and the slide towards physical aggression and raises questions about how such conflicts might be stopped – by the participants, “friends” or authority figures.

3. The Job

Sophie wants to join the police cadets and discusses this idea at school with the careers teacher and her friends. Her father, a Greek, opposes the idea because it does not fit into his ideas about suitable work for girls. Some of her friends have a low opinion of the police believing them to be racist. Against this background, Sophie has to make up her mind.

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