Organising for Power: The Alinsky Approach


Saul Alinsky’s approach to empowering communities.

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Producer: National Film Board of Canada
Year Produced: 1968
Running time: 158 minutes


A classic series which examines Saul Alinsky’s method of organising communities into effective action units based on participatory democracy.

“Deciding to Organise” – A group of concerned citizens from Dayton, Ohio, consult Alinsky on the means of creating an effective organisation.

“Building an Organisation” – The obstacles encountered by a new community action organisation in Buffalo, N.Y., as it begins to work for recognition.

“Through Conflict to Negotiation” – A community action group in Rochester, N.Y., confronts the community’s largest employer on the issue of corporate responsibility and the employment of minority groups.

“A Continuing Responsibility” – As demonstrated in the Woodlawn Organisation in Chicago, Alinskys technique created on-going organisations firmly rooted in the community.

‘These films is of historical interest and reflects the cultural attitudes and language of the time it was made.