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  • AIDS in Your School

    AIDS in Your School

    This film is aimed at children 13 years and above. Presented with music and fast action which will capture the…
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  • Aramaments


    Made in 1972, this films looks at the moral dilemmas attached to nuclear weapons and the future weapons and warfare which could suceed them.
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  • Beyond War - Spacebridge

    Beyond War – Spacebridge

    A first attempt, using new technology, was made as a mass interchange of ideas (a spacebridge) with a view to lessening tension between the USA and Russia. Two large gatherings of people in San Francisco and Moscow respectively, linked Russian and American peoples up by large television screens.
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  • The Curse of the Klan

    Curse of the Klan

    This Granada film made in 1981 takes a closer look at the Ku Klux Klan and their activities during this time.
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  • Decision in the Streets

    Decision in the Streets

    USA Student demonstrations in the 1960s

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  • Five Women Five Births

    Five Women, Five Births: A Film about Choices

    Suzanne Arms shot black and white photographs of women giving birth. In this film, made in the USA in 1979, her intimate photographs and personal conversation with five women allows us to share their experiences of giving birth, and decision they made. Some births took place at home, some in hospital, and there were complications in some cases but each was a unique experience.
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  • My First Hundred Years

    My First Hundred Years

    Naomi Fell, expert in helping confused old-old people, acts out with a studio audience all life’s stages, from birth to…
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  • Nixon's Secret Legacy

    Nixon’s Secret Legacy

    Filmed in 1975 a young John Pilger visits a Minuteman base in the USA and looks at America's evolving strategy to potential Nuclear War.
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  • Day After Trinity

    The Day After Trinity

    J. Robert Oppenheimer, Atomic Scientist who later was discredited for opposing the hydrogen bomb four thousand times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb.

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  • The Power to Change

    The Power to Change

    A film from 1985 about appropriate renewable technologies – human scale solutions to significant social and economic problems which we…
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