Business Decisions series


A hypothetical enquiry into how top business men make decisions.

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Year Produced: 1981
Running time: 312 minutes


A series which uses a technique totally new to television to explore the legal and ethical problems that regularly beset businesses.

In each of the six programmes, a panel of some of the top businessmen in Britain, is assembled. They are confronted with situations which, although hypothetical, reflect accurately the kind of dilemma which they have probably at some time had to deal with. Keeping the discussion moving at a lively pace is an experienced moderator who tricks, cajoles or browbeats the often reluctant victim into making a commitment to one course of action or another, revealing how and why some of their decisions are made.

Programme 1: International Sales and Bribery
In the programme, three of Britain’s top businessmen would authorise payment of a $ million bribe to *the ruler of a foreign state to secure a major contract there.

Programme 2: The Company Man
Businessmen are divided on the lengths to which they would go to hunt a “mole” leaking important commercial information. The use of lie detectors to investigate industrial espionage is discussed.

Programme 3: Tax
Examines the morality of tax avoidance and evasion. How many people avoid paying their fair share of income tax? How do they do it?

Programme 4: Telling the Public
Explores the way in which businessmen, public relations executives, advertisers and journalists present the public face of industry.

Programme 5: A Take-Over Bid
Businessmen and their city advisers tell us how they would handle an imaginary, but realistic, takeover bid. We glimpse what goes on behind the boardroom door.

Programme 6: The Cost of Conscience
An insight into the way in which businessmen weigh the claims of profits and conscience on the balance sheet when they stand to make a lot of money from a new product which has certain risks attached.

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