The Company Man (Business Decisions Series)

The Company Man (Business Decisions Series)

DVD1980 52 Minutes

Hypothetic situations of industrial espionage discussed by British businessmen.

Businessmen are divided on the lengths to which they would go to hunt a "mole" leaking important commercial information. The use of lie detectors to investigate industrial espionage is discussed. The programme also reveals that they would dismiss a senior executive who publicly supported the Campaign for Homosexual Equality and that they would regard the entertainment of overseas clients with prostitutes to win orders as an acceptable form of business expense.

Business Decisions Series: a series which uses a technique totally new to television to explore the legal and ethical problems that regularly beset businesses. In each of the six programmes, a panel of some of the top businessmen in Britain, is assembled. They are confronted with situations which, although hypothetical, reflect accurately the kind of dilemma which they have probably at some time had to deal with. Keeping the discussion moving at a lively pace is an experienced moderator who tricks, cajoles or browbeats the often reluctant victim into making a commitment to one course of action or another. revealing how and why some of their decisions are made.
Made in 1980 this film reflects the cultural attitudes and language of the time it was made. The issues raised are timeless.

Part of the Business Decisions Series

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