Origins of Human Aggression

Origins of Human Aggression

DVD2005 50 Minutes

Reasons behind aggressive behaviour, and ideas for preventing it, as it starts in very young children.

This documentary reviews the latest, fascinating scientific research into the basic roots of human aggression and biological, environmental and psychological reasons behind human violence. Most importantly it also provides some ideas for preventing violent behaviour, as well as leaving viewers to draw their own conclusions, and to discover solutions to tackle the problem. The research results are surprising, thought provoking and most of all they question myths. They shed new light on instinctive aggression and uncontrolled anger, visible in our sweet and innocent babies as young as 18-24 months.

This instinct fully develops in the next three years to produce, by the age of five, toddlers who are already mentally fixed in this area. Depending on the care and attention given to the children at this very short but crucial time, they may develop into nice, rounded individuals capable of self-control and productive co-operation or into rioters, troublemakers, gang members, murderers and social predators. In a very balanced way the film discusses breakthrough discoveries in human brain research, which suggest that also physiological factors like physical underdevelopment or damage of the frontal part of the brain may be responsible for difficulties relating to anger control and predisposition to violent behaviour.

A compelling analysis of the complex factors by experts, including Pro. Richard E Tremblay, Director, Research Unit on Children’s Psychological Malajustment, University of Montreal, illustrated by very candid sequences of children showing different forms of violent behaviour. This programme is essential viewing and invaluable help to everybody responsible for bringing up children up to the age of five, as this is the time when we can make a difference for any child and for any community.

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