Drugs – a Simple Choice


Young people and drug-taking. reasons and warnings

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Producer: Alpha Films
Year Produced: 2004
Running time: 18 minutes
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Many young people view drugs as part of growing up – a phase that most can move through relatively unscathed. But for some, contact with drugs can have devastating consequences. But despite all the warnings, young people continue to be tempted. Why? One reason is that they would like to be given the chance to express their opinions. ‘Drugs – a simple choice?’ gives them that opportunity.

JASON – aged 24 Charged with Possession
Graduate, social user and dealer, lost well-paid job after being convicted, ostracised from family, now dealing on a larger scale.

SHARON – aged 17 Probation for Burglary
Early contact with drugs, unhappy family life, leaves home, funds drug habit through shoplifting, mugging and prostitution. Now back home on probation and commencing rehab.

SAMUEL – aged 18 Life Sentence for Murder
Peer pressure and lack of prospects pushed him into joining ‘gang’. Regular user of weed, girlfriend became pregnant, caught up in fight resulting in murder charge.

It has been produced in four Sections with breaks in between to allow discussion
A – Why take Drugs?

B – What are they risking?

C – What problems do they now have?

D – What does the future hold?
Includes a training guide providing a transcript of the video, a suggested presentation approach and examples of questions to open discussion.

Produced in conjunction with Suffolk Local Education Authority & The Suffolk Drug Action Team

A direct and revealing approach to an important social issue recounting the changing lifestyles of three young people involved in drug taking.’
Suffolk County Advisor for Personal & Social Development

..this will have a positive impact on the target audience. An excellent method of getting the message across.’
Deputy Governor, Highpoint Prison

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