Anti-Social Behaviour


A DVD with supporting material to help teachers address anti social behaviour.


A DVD with supporting activities: lesson plans and resources to help teachers address the issues of anti social behaviour at Key Stages 3 and 4. The resources and lesson plans on a CD use a variety of active learning teaching strategies and provide suitable approaches for different types of learners and differing levels of ability. The discussion includes arguments from the perspective of young people, who sometimes feel victimised for just hanging out together in a groups, They point out that people of all ages can behave in an anti-social way.

The programme includes: What is anti social behaviour? Perceptions How anti social behaviour affects different groups of people Choices Consequences Respect Topics include: Graffiti Excessive noise Intimidating groups of young people Chewing gum Alcohol Stealing cars Aggressive behaviour A very useful educational pack.

The Anti Social Behaviour DVD was made in conjunction with Kent Police and is supported by a set of flexible lesson plans and teachers notes. A must for any secondary school. Contents: 6 lesson plans. Ages 11-16