Air Pollution: Series


This series, made in 1976, comprises three films looking at sources of air pollution, the effects, the science and methods of control in the United Kingdom.

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Producer: Loughborough University of Technology
Year Produced: 1976
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This three film series, made in Britain in 1976, looks at sources of air pollution, the effects, the science and methods of control.

1 – Sources & Effects

The first film looks at sources of air pollution including factories, transport and agriculture, as well as natural effects. Pollutants are graded by size and the film also looks at the constituents of pollutants and how some are corrosive. It takes the motor car as an example of the way modifications can be reduced the amount of pollution it produces.

2 – The Science of the Situation

The second film explains how scientists have attempted to classify the problems and looks at various techniques which have been developed to deal with air pollution. It includes an examination of centrifugal and electrostatic extrators and precipators. This film is more technical and is not recommended for general audiences.

3 – Methods of Control

A more general account of pollution control and the philosophy behind the legislation which has been introduced. Practical methods of control include redesigning the chimneys and the modifications and alternatives to the interal combustion engine. For the future a balance will need to be struck between conversation, pollution and improving standards of living.

These films are of historical interest and reflect the cultural attitudes, scientific understanding and language of the time, the imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards but the discussion still remains relevant today.

Air Pollution – Series from Concord Media on Vimeo.


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