Acid Rain – Manchester’s Destructive Legacy


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Producer: Acid Rain Information Centre, Manchester Polytechnic
Year Produced: 1986
Running time: 45 minutes
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The term ‘acid rain’ originated in Manchester in the 1850s. The history of damage to buildings and vegetation is discussed in the video, and the contempary effects of acid rain on the ecology of the region are examined. The potential dangers to human health from air pollution are also highlighed. The video indicates the problems of acid rain in Scandinavia and West Germany along with the facts concerning the long distance transportation of air pollutants from Western Europe to Scandinavia. Britain is the largest single air polluter in Europe, yet we are not sufficiently committed to reducing the pollutant gases, which cause acid rain.

This film made in 1986 shows the scientific and technical understanding of the time and may not reflect current understanding or practices. The imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards. But the issues raised are timeless.

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Acid Rain – Manchester’s Destructive Legacy from Concord Media on Vimeo.


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