Young Children in Brief Separation – ‘THOMAS, 2 years 4 months, in foster care for 10 days’


Thomas at two years old has more understanding, but his loyalties conflict.

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Producer: James and Joyce Robertson
Year Produced: 1971
Running time: 39 minutes
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Thomas is an active little boy of 2 years 4 months who is in foster care for ten days. He speaks well and has a good understanding of the reasons for the separation from his mother. He is well supported by a father who visits every day, and who shows much understanding of his son.

There are times when the strong wish for the mother makes Thomas turn away from her photograph, but throughout he carries a clear and loving image of her. His need for affection and physical care from the foster mother conflicts with his loyalty to the absent mother; so loving embraces sometime turn into punching pinching and scratching. At reunion he discards the foster mother and is tender and affectionate to his mother. (There is some live sound of Thomas’s voice).

A guide booklet accompanies the film.

This film was made in 1971 in black and white, so the film and sound quality is not to modern standards. This should not diminish its value as a moving historic record.

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