Learning and Communication – Programmes for Developmentally Delayed Children


Functional Learning Programmes for Young Developmentally Delayed Children

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Year Produced: 1992
Running time: 15 minutes
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Functional learning is based on the earliest innate learning of the normal child. The video and comprehensive handbook provide an integrated, intensive therapeutic programme to establish a foundation for all future learning. Developmental therapists Katrin Stroh and Thelma Robinson have followed the development of a normal child for two years, comparing her play and communication with that of a variety of children who do not work or play, are not self motivated, attentive, happy or successful.

The concept of Learning Tools is introduced, ways of thinking used by all children cross-culturally. The accompanying handbook gives a step by step guide to setting up programmes of early learning activities for the delayed child. It includes a question-and-answer section explaining in ordinary language the theoretical background to these learning programmes.