Breaking Silence


Sexual abuse, personal stories and healing.

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Year Produced: 1985
Running time: 58 minutes
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A powerful film which pulls the sexual abuse problem out of the shadows, and treats the subject of incest and the process of healing through the personal stories of adults molested as children, mothers of victims, and perpetrators. Interwoven with personal stories are family photos, home movies, newspaper headlines, and drawings and paintings by children who have been molested. As we witness the struggle and transformation these victims of incest go through to become survivors, the programme gives strength and hope to those who are just beginning their own process of healing.

The film breaks many myths about incest and the sexual abuse of children, educating viewers to some of the underlying causes of this crime and directly speaking to families in which this is or has been occurring. This award-winning film has a wide audience; it is particularly useful for incest survivors groups and rape crisis centres. It is also suitable for colleges and universities in women’s study courses, sociology, psychology and family health departments. It should be seen by youth and social workers, women’s and girls’ groups, parents, teachers, mental health groups, doctors… in fact everyone.

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