Whose World?


The dialogue between science and the Christian religion.

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Year Produced: 1988
Running time: 180 minutes
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The dialogue between science and religion is more important than many people realise. It is not and should not be the exclusive concern of professional theologians. Science and religion complementing each other offer insight into one reality. Too often they are assumed to be opposing viewpoints and it will be a tragedy if education in the sciences and the humanities permit this prejudice to flourish.

The six programmes of Whose World follow a logical theme and are deigned to be an invitation to the viewer to join and contribute to the discussion.

Programme 1 raises the fundamental question Does God exist? Programme 2 “The Big Bang” looks more closely at what astronomers have to tell us about our vast and ancient universe. Programme 3 In “The Grand Design” we examine the assumption that Charles Darwin did God out of a job with his theory of evolution by natural selection. Programme 4 “Behold the Man” focuses on the most remarkable product of nature on this planet – human beings. Programme 5 “Pain and Purpose” examines an age-old problem: is suffering inevitable in a world created by God? Programme 6 “Discovery Prone” asks whether religious beliefs can be tested in the way that scientific theories can be tested,

There are no neat answers to hand out. The aim of these programmes is to provoke discussion; that way some insight into the truth may be found.

Produced by CTVC

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