The Psychology of the Young Adult – Part 3


Pakistani and Afro-Caribbean people talk about their lives and problems.

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Producer: Professor Malcolm Brown, Queen’s University Belfast
Year Produced: 1990
Running time: 55 minutes


A young Pakistani woman talks about her arranged marriage, not speaking the same language as her newly arrived husband and of the work entailed in finding common grounds for marriage. We hear of the pain of delivering a stillborn child and the reactions to this. A young Pakistani man talks of the conflict between traditional values and group norms away at university and how he handles these. An Afro-Caribbean woman talks of the sadness of her childhood years and her own tragedies in adult life. Characteristics of the human will striving for life and growth and several powerful human emotions and feelings are vividly demonstrated in this programme.

Part of a series of programmes by Malcolm Brown, who made the Talking About..’ series. For teaching and learning purposes, the human life span is divided into 12 linked stages, from the pre-school child to the very old.