The Psychology of Early Middle Age – Part 2


Four very different people talk about their problems and relationships.

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Producer: Professor Malcolm Brown, Queen’s University Belfast
Year Produced: 1989
Running time: 67 minutes
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A divorced Englishwoman suffering from schizophrenia talks about her life, her drug dealings and drug trips, her times in prison, her attempts to find a satisfactory relationship, her hallucinations and her hopes for a new life. An American academic, a ed 49, with a much younger wife and a young family, talks about what life is like for him and his feelings as he approaches the 50 mark. A single Irishwoman who is of fairly limited intellectual ability and who suffers from depression talks of her many years of life in London; of having been paid off by her employers, her loneliness and her hopes of finding the right man.

A Pakistani woman talks of her life in England, her arranged marriage, her fears for her children in a foreign culture her becoming the breadwinner and her hopes of returning to the land of her birth and the price she will pay in terms of family break-up. Part of a series of programmes by Malcolm Brown, who made the Talking About..’ series. For teaching and learning purposes, the human life span is divided into 12 linked stages, from the pre-school child to the very old.

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