The Bullying Intervention Toolkit

The Bullying Intervention Toolkit

Book and worksheets on effective bullying intervention strategies, aiming to educate and heal rather than punish. Suitable all ages.

Aims to provide a range of effective bullying intervention strategies.

The strategies are all solution focused, encourage individuals to make pro-social choices, avoid labelling and aim to educate and heal, rather than punish.

No one intervention for bullying works best in all circumstances. Effective intervention occurs when facilitators have a range of strategies, with the accompanying knowledge and skills to know when - and when not - to use them.

The resource includes:

_ 60 page book
_ 4 scripts-A4 size
_ Method of Shared Concern
_ Classroom Conference Early Years
_ Classroom Conference
_ Support Group Method
_ Restorative chat early years
_ Restorative chat
_ No Blame brief intervention
_ Mediation
_ Small group discussion

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