Five short programmes together: Look at it This Way, Emergency First Aid, Safe and Sound, Genesis and Who Cares? (Young Carers)

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Producer: Alpha Films
Year Produced: 2001
Running time: 74 minutes
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Five short films available on one DVD also available separately:

Look at It This Way: Youth crime prevention: Looks at crime in terms of financial costs, the victims, obvious and not so obvious and the culprits. Apart from fines, probation or imprisonment are there any other penalties of having a criminal record? Developed in conjunction with the Home Office. 14 mins.

Emergency First Aid: practical demonstrations of first aid. Not a formal training film, but includes a wide range of first aid demonstrations and health tips, to complement other training. 17 mins.

Safe & Sound: Home safety in the case of fire: smoke alarms and escape routes. Made in conjunction with the Home Office, it shows what to do if a fire occurs. It starts with a dramatic reconstruction illustrating how quickly a fire spreads and the consequences that could result. How could this incident have been avoided? It concludes with an action plan that is easy to put into practice. 12 mins.

Genesis: the role of disabled people in society. Genesis produces some of the finest hand-crafted furniture. The venture is proof that disabled peoples contribution can be equal to that of the able bodied. It includes a visit to the workshop which has confounded people who believed that disabled people would not be able to cope with the dangerous machinery. Interviews provide an insight into the problems and prejudices they have had to overcome. 12 mins.

Who Cares? Young Carers: There are over 50,000 young carers in Britain. This video looks at their role and the pressures faced by them- stress, sharing problems, missing school, impact on social life, attitudes of others etc. Developed in conjunction with the Princess Royal Trust for Carers. A case study looks at a typical day for 14 year old Lee and 12 year old Katherine who look after their mother and four year old brother. They and two other young carers talk about some of the pressures they face. Ideas for action are also suggested. 19 mins

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