Policing a Force to Reckon with

Two Jonathan Dimbleby “in Evidence” programmes which range from the particular problems in the policing front line.

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Producer: Yorkshire Television
Year Produced: 1980
Running time: 120 minutes
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Two Jonathan Dimbleby “in Evidence” programmes which range from the particular problems in the policing front line…”,to wider issues of public order, accountability and general concern about difficulties that the police and public faced in the 1980’s United Kingdom.

At the Sharp End

“At the Sharp End” is the phrase used by Commander David Mitchell to describe the position of the men in the forefront of policing the Metropolitan Police’s G Divsion, the populous of Stoke Newington and Hackney, for which he is responsible. The impression emerges that there is a potentially explosive crisis in relations between police and the coloured community who made up almost a third of the population of this depressed area at the time.

Pigs in the Middle

Examines the most controversial issues of law and order which face Britain in the 1980s. Some of the questions asked are: How should Britain be policed? Can the traditional Bobby’s image survive? Who polices the police, and how well does the complaints system work? Should they be armed? The contributors to the programme include several Chief Constables and a former Home Office minster who put forward their views.

The imagery and film quality may not be to modern standards but is useful for historical use.

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Policing.1 – A Force to Reckon With – At the Sharp End & Pigs in the Middle from Concord Media on Vimeo.


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