Pitfalls in the Counselling Process (Counselling Skills 2)


Six difficult interactions in the counselling process are demonstrated.

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Producer: Directed by the Department of Psychology, University of Leicester and the Department of Personality Psychology, University of Groningen (The Netherlands).
Year Produced: 1985
Running time: 52 minutes
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Six difficult interactions in the counselling process are demonstrated on this DVD.
In each case, the client and counsellor are role-played and a helpful and unhelpful version of each skill is shown. The films are organised in a way to facilitate their use in a workshop format. A manual is provided which gives step by step guidance in the organisation of a training course.

Consists of 13 ‘chapters’, which can be accessed separately:
1. Introduction – part one
2. Observation and feedback
3. Introduction part 2
4. How to begin (poor example)
5. How to begin (good example)
6. The talkative client (poor example)
7. The talkative client (good example)
8. Client in love (poor example)
9. Client in love (good example)
10. Talkative counsellor (poor example)
11. Talkative counsellor (good example)
12. The dependent client (poor example)
13. The dependent client (good example)

See also ‘Introductory Counselling Skills’ which is part 1 in this two part series.

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