Red Without Blue


Intimate portrait of identical twins, one of whom undergoes gender realignment and becomes a woman.


A candid portrayal of gender, identity and the unshakable bonds of twinship. Identical twins Mark and Alex have always defined themselves in terms of each other, but when Alex decides to undergo a sex change operation Mark starts to question his own sense of being. We follow the twins over three years as Alex metamorphosises into a strikingly beautiful woman named Clair. But for Mark this change seems like a rejection of their relationship. Its like you were cutting a cord he says.

Their mother Jenny is also confused, and refuses to call her Clair or talk to her for months, From the beginning the twins were intensely close. As young boys they were dressed in different colours so people could tell them apart: Mark red, Alex blue. But in their early teens they both came out as gay, and also started using drugs. By the time they were 14 they had come under the influence of an older man who sexually abused them and raped a ten year old in their presence. They tried to press charges, but the case collapsed after the boy refused to go to court. Desperate, they attempted suicide.

After this they were sent to separate schools and banned from contacting each other. When Alex came out as transgendered, initially his parents, now separated, were horrified, but gradually came round to support him. As Mark says, No matter what happens, Clair and I will always be identical twins. Made by a family friend, this very intimate film was made possible by grants from many organisations and individuals, including the twins mother Jenny, who put on a benefit concert. Their father paid for the gender realignment surgery.

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