A Family from Donor Insemination: ‘All I Wanted was a Baby’


Discussion about discovering infertility, telling the children and support from their church, etc.

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Producer: Alexa McWhinnie
Year Produced: 2001
Running time: 65 minutes
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Two donor insemination (DI) families who have made the decision to tell their children about their origins. Throughout the history of the use of Dl – from its beginnings in the 1930s, its gradual increase in the next three decades, although carried out furtively in private clinics, until the 1970s when it was accepted within the National Health Service – the practice had been to advocate that the parents need not tell the children about their origins. The anonymity of the donors and the cloak of medical confidentiality made such advice pragmatically acceptable and possible to follow. It remains the norm for most Dl parents at the present time. How this works out in practice, and how possible it is to maintain the secret for a lifetime, are an essential part of the study of parenting. However, some clinicians have begun to question this approach and to advocate to their patients that they should consider a more open approach. There is also much more open discussion of this in the media and elsewhere.
Both the Dl families in this video series attended a Dl clinic which had this more open policy. However, they themselves had decided, for reasons given in the videos, that they should tell their children about their Dl origins. Why and how they put this into practice emerges in their conversations. In one family who have two children, the conversation covers: there are two sons following donor insemination; the couple discussing: their hopes about having children and their discovery of infertility; their decision to use donor Insemination; how they came to the decision to tell the children about their origins; conversations with their children about this; support of church and friends.
Does not necessarily show current practice.

A Family from Donor Insemination: 'All I Wanted was a Baby' from Concord Media on Vimeo.

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