A DI Adult and the Legacy of Childhood Secrets


This woman was only told of her origins when in her forties. She describes her and her family’s reaction on learning this, and how she searched for her donor father.

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Producer: Alexa McWhinnie
Year Produced: 2001
Running time: 70 minutes
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Two DI (donor insemination) adult women who experienced secrecy about their origins. One was told when she was aged 12 during a quarrel between her mother and stepfather. The other experienced secrecy throughout her childhood and growing up years, only to learn the truth when she was in her forties. Both are now married with children and, in both cases, their husbands appear on the video. In all the years that Dl has been used, it is surprising how little is known about the long-term outcome, i.e. how the children fare; what their lives are like; what are the issues they have met in their growing up years and now as adults. To date, few adults have felt able to come forward to explain in public what their views are and what their experience has been. That is gradually changing
Alexina McWhinnie was able to interview on camera two adults and it is their stories that are included in this series. One was from the USA and had been brought over by the BBC to appear on a programme. She and her husband had been in the UK previously, at the time of the Warnock Committee deliberations. She had hoped to meet the whole Committee but only met one member, which surprised and disappointed her. The other Dl adult in this series was one of the first adults in the UK to go public about her donor origins. She grew up sensing there was a family secret, which was only disclosed to her when she was in her forties.
The conversation with her covers: Her childhood and story; learning about her Dl origins; her reactions and those of her husband and daughters; how she has searched for her donor father; her advice, and that of her husband and daughter, for the future; how useful is the analogy with adoption In helping others to understand the donor offspring’s point of view.

See also A DI Adult and her Quest for her Donor Father ‘Who was my Biological Father?’.
Does not necessarily show current practice.

A DI Adult and the Legacy of Childhood Secrets from Concord Media on Vimeo.

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