An IVF Family with One Child: To Tell or Not to Tell?


This family discuss talking with others about their attendance at a specialised unit, the role of the man on an IVF programme, the use of the term ‘test tube baby’, how, when and whether to tell the children, and their hopes for a second child.

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Producer: Alexa McWhinnie
Year Produced: 2001
Running time: 26 minutes
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In both of these families with children from IVF, the parents are the biological/genetic parents. One family has one child, the other has triplets. Both partnerships had experienced infertility over many years, followed by the tensions and dramas of attendance at an infertility clinic and then the particular tensions of an IVF programme, where the woman is the primary focus of the treatment and the man plays a supportive but secondary role. The hopes and disappointments on such a programme are documented in the literature and although referred to, are not the main focus of these videos which were made when they had achieved their much-wanted baby. Had it all been plain sailing since then? The discussion with the first family includes: Talking with others about their attendance at a specialised unit. The role of the man on an IVF programme. The use of the term test tube baby . How, when and whether to tell their child about his/her conception. As they had hoped to have more than one child, how long could they continue with IVF in the hope of a brother or sister for their child.
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