Robert’s Story


Interviews with a terminal cancer patient.

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Producer: Newcastle University Video
Year Produced: 1991
Running time: 44 minutes


A few weeks before he died of a brain tumour, Robert Gilder gave
the two interviews shown. In both conversations he talks with great frankness about his illness. He first describes the early stages – diagnosis and treatment – and his plans for the future. In the second interview, now terminally ill, he talks about how he copes day to day and how he is facing his imminent death. Several instances of good consulting style are demonstrated in the interview but Robert has a few observations to make about doctor-patient communication. Of use to all health care workers who concerned with end of life care, learning about patient experience in cancer care, patient choice and talking with people who are dying.

Made in 1991 this film reflects the cultural attitudes, medical procedures and language of the time it was made. But the issues raised may be timeless.