Raising the Questions


How does counselling fit in with the aims of youth service provision?

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Year Produced: 1988
Running time: 30 minutes
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What is it about? Raising the questions is a 30 minute film that demonstrates some counselling skills frequently used in youth work practice. It is aimed primarily at part-time youth workers and as its title implies raises some of the questions that workers should be asking themselves about their assumptions and attitudes when relating to young people. The film is suitable as an in service training tool for adults engaged in interpersonal work with young people. It is also relevant to professionals who use counselling skills in their work with adults.

A booklet is supplied as an integral part of the learning package and should be read by the tutor/trainer before showing the film. As well as offering suggestions for the use of the material it provides clarification and junction-triggers about issues raised in the film and in the counselling process in general. How can it be used? The film is constructed around three scenes which depict in formal counselling seasons between youth workers and young people.
1. Jason can’t go home. It becomes clear to the youth worker that Jason has been thrown out of home and has no where to stay that night.
2. Friendship under attack. Mary is developing a close friendship with another young woman at the youth club and is experiencing harassment from some of the young men.
3. Crisis at home Chris hasn’t been to the youth club for a while and the youth worker meets her by chance. It appears that Chris is being abused at home in some way but is unable to talk to the youth worker at that moment.
Each of these three scenarios is shown twice. The first time the action is uninterrupted. The second time the scene is played again but with a voice over indicating the youth workers/counsellors thoughts and insights as the process develops. Finally there is an on camera analysis of the interaction. With comprehensive tutors’ notes.

Although made some years ago the issues raised are still current

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