Out of Vision


The lives of four Asian women in the U.K.

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Producer: Film Lok.
Year Produced: 1987
Running time: 26 minutes
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Examines the lives of four Asian women who have settled in the U.K. It reveals the stresses of migration and adaptation to a new pattern of life, and shows how each one has learned to cope and to initiate positive steps to enhance the material and social welfare of her family. The four women are representative of innumerable others in their communities who take a responsible and even dominant role in the family. Each of the four stories highlights that ‘hidden’ inner strength which guides Asian women.

A new, positive image is presented via a medium which has traditionally portrayed women, especially Asian and Third World women, as suppressed, oppressed beings, unable to cope and achieve without a ‘paternalistic’ helping hand. Problems of racism, immigration laws, enforced separation, disability, homelessness and
unemployment are all touched on, but the message is one of hope.

Made in 1987 this film reflects the cultural attitudes and language of the time it was made. The issues raised are timeless. The film quality may not be to modern standards.

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