Perception is Everything

DVD2005 28 Minutes

Jane Elliott investigates how people are perceived as being part of a group, and how this affects our experiences.

Part one: But we're all the same, aren't we? With the help of two participants Jane Elliot discusses height, skin colour, gender and age, and exposes the rarely acknowledged advantages and disadvantages of being perceived as part of a particular 'group' - perception is everything. She makes it clear that we are not and will never be 'all the same' and tries to encourage us to accept, value and cherish our differences whilst ensuring equitable treatment under the law.

Part two: What makes you think that? Our attitudes and values are influenced not only by our personal experiences but also by our interpretation of the information we have received. however, the way we receive information is not always neutral. Using the Mercator and the Peter's projection maps of the world to illustrate her points, Jane Elliot shows that what we 'know' or perceive as 'normal' can be influenced to reflect a particular perspective, which may reinforce power inequalities in society.

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