Light a Small Candle


Profile of Howard Cheney, 72 year old campaigner for peace.

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Year Produced: 1986
Running time: 25 minutes
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Now a historical film of a different world situation nearly a generation ago yet the threat of nuclear war remains. This is a profile of Howard Cheney and his wife. Howard, then a 72 year old farmer and campaigner for peace from Stratford on Avon. They, with their two sons, ran their farm on self-sufficiency lines. This was a time of cruise missiles and warlike stand-offs with the then Soviet Union.

They visit U.S. bases such as Molesworth and Greenham Common handing out leaflets to troops and police guards and risking arrest. “The most ignoble thing anyone can do is to just stand on one side and do nothing”, he says and with each convert there is a glimmer of hope for ” it is better to light a small candle than to stand cursing the darkness”.

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