Learning Together


Introducing Drug Education at Primary Schools, with parent participation

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Producer: Alpha Films
Year Produced: 2004
Running time: 13 minutes
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Developing activities for pupils to take home and share with parents is an approach employed by most schools. However, the ‘Learning Together’ concept, by asking parents and carers to come into school and work alongside the children, takes this involvement a step further.

For such an approach to work successfully, it is important to choose the most appropriate topics from a well-planned PSE programme. In 1998 the Government published its 10-year strategy for tackling drugs misuse and its recommendations included:
‘Prevention should start early, with broad life skills approaches at Primary School and built on over time. ‘

Over a period of 2 years Suffolk Education Authority, working with the Suffolk Drug Action Team, piloted the ‘Learning Together’ approach as a means to introduce drug education at Key Stage One and Two . The exercise was a resounding success and has lead to the concept being made available to all Suffolk primary schools.

Two of the lessons learnt during the pilot period were:
• the importance of explaining clearly to teaching staff and parents how ‘Learning Together’ actually works and
• providing reassurance to those wary of becoming involved.

To assist in communicating these aspects, the ‘Learning Together’ DVD was developed. Divided into sections, the programme looks at five steps to be considered by schools or Education Authorities contemplating a similar approach. It has been produced to support not only briefing sessions to teaching staff but also to provide an introduction to the concept at parents’ meetings. The DVD can be stopped after each section to open discussion or answer any questions.
Step 1 – Planning
Step 2 – The Parents Meeting
Step 3 – The Activity Session
Step 4 – Evaluation
Step 5 – Celebration
Produced in conjunction with Suffolk County Council Local Education Authority and The Suffolk Drug Action Team

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