Hidden Scars, Silent Wounds: Understanding Self-Injury


Investigation of the phenomenon of self-injury.

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Producer: Hourglass Productions
Year Produced: 2004
Running time: 25 minutes


Investigation of the phenomenon of self-injury. Self-injury refers to a pattern in which a person harms him- or herself by cutting or even burning parts of the body, to relieve stress from pent-up emotions. Many people suffer from this usually secretive activity. Typically they have endured unusual and stressful events or abusive family situations, and have resorted to self-injury as an unhealthy coping mechanism.

This programme demystifies this often misunderstood problem by offering candid interviews with cutters and their families, as well as commentary by noted experts in the filed. One interviewee describes her cutting as a form of self-punishment, but also as a strategy to keep her emotions from spiralling out of control. A psychologist explains about the symptoms and causes of self-injury. With teachers resource book which includes class worksheets to extend students investigation of the subject. USA.